A Charming Biker’s Cafe in the Country

In my last post I mentioned a lunch spot that Laurie, the kids and I wound up visiting after our adventure trying to picnic. The restaurant is called Vanilla Bean Cafe and located in Pomfret, CT. I highly recommend visiting if you are ever in the area. The building itself has an old country charm and the staff are very accommodating. The food itself comes in large portions and is absolutely delicious. I opted for the turkey and avocado sandwich and from what I understand, all of the meat and vegetables are locally sourced. Many restaurants and sandwich shops in the area source their ingredients from local farmers which I am a fan of.

We didn’t know at the time but the Vanilla Bean Cafe is a sort of hot spot for motorcyclists. The parking lot was packed with motorcycles of all types which really excited my kids and myself. I have always been a motorcycle enthusiast and it was really exciting to show my children some of the more rare bikes we encountered. Everything from late model Triumphs to a couple of Ducati’s. Back in my twenties I owned several bikes and worked as a service writer for Harley (It is the person that when you come in to have your bike looked at for repair or upgrades. They look over the bike and try to preliminarily diagnose the problem or condition of the bike before it goes to the mechanic). Needless to say, I put a bug in Laurie’s ear about wanting a bike again. She said when we retire it is possible but I will be working on changing that!

The cafe also has live entertainment so Laurie and I will make it a point to come back when we check out their website and find a good date. Columbus day weekend is approaching so that might work and I enjoyed it here so we can make a day of it and show Laurie some more bikes I hope!