About the Blog

Several years ago my lovely wife Laurie and I purchased a small home on a relatively large piece of land in Eastern Connecticut and started a family. We settled here because it’s not too far from Laurie’s parent’s house, good school system, and It’s where she was raised. It’s taken me a while to get used to being in such a small town but I really enjoy living here now, as it has helped me appreciate the peacefulness of being close to nature and appreciate much more about what’s important in life.

There are two main reasons why I started this blog.

First, because everyday I learn something new and I wanted a way to keep a log of this period of my life, not for social media clicks but as something to share with my kids some day, and also something that I can go back to and reference in the future, if my memory of this time of my life starts to fade.

Secondly, I created this blog because I enjoy the writing process, and I wanted a place where I could write on a range of topics and not just stick it into a draw.

There is no master plan here. I might do it for a few months or years, who knows but that’s part of the fun and also it feels easier keeping it open ended.

I’d like to think of this blog like a bog in the middle of a big forest. It’s just a place that is happy to be alone in the woods but if someone stumbles across it and finds it to be a comfortable place to hang out and read for a while then all the better.

I realized that I wanted to do this back in June when Laurie and I were celebrating our seventh wedding anniversary. Seven years went by so quickly and since I’m not on social media there’s very little I have to show for the last few years. I don’t want this to be a family album. It’s not about documenting our lives as a family and our milestones. We are keeping those memories in other ways.

To set the stage I will just tell you a few things about this location. We live off of a long gravel road in a very sleepy town with lots of rolling hills, fields, woods, pasture and farms. The most prevalent beings here are deer which we often see strolling among the trees. The house is a three bedroom that was built in the 1800s and we believe the original occupants ran a farm off of the property. Today we used only a portion of the property for a small garden and a chicken coop.

My plan is to write on a range of topics including the following.

Ok. That’s my intro. If you made it this far I hope this has answered most of your questions about who, what, when and why. Happy reading.